I’m hoping you can help with a fun video I’d like to create which will hopefully raise a lot of money for charity this Christmas.

Last year I reached number 8 in the UK charts with my silly song “Merry ChrisMoyles Everyone” – See here – and raised a lot of money for The British Heart Foundation.

I’ve written another song this year about how 2020 has been rubbish but Christmas can still be amazing, but I need your help. I’d like to create a collaboration style video, (a little bit like this) with lots of celebrity influencers and release the track just in time for it to get to number one for Christmas, put a smile on loads of people’s faces and raise oodles of money for the children’s charity I’ve chosen this year!

For the video could you please mime the words / dance / play an instrument / have fun to the new song, “Stop The Virus (It’s Christmas Time).” Link with words is here or you can see the video below – Be as Creative and Christmassy as possible please! 🙂

Then once the video is complete and I’ve uploaded the song to iTunes etc would you be able to share the video ask all your followers to download it from 19th December. That way we can surprise the Great British public and get to number 1 in the charts out of nowhere!

More than happy to list your social media channels on the video too!

I guess I would need your email address too so I can send you the links to the full video and song so please could you email me that too?

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Matt Hulbert.

(Feel free to email or call me to discuss if you need to on or 07886688226.)