When people ‘get creative’, it’s often associated with using their imagination, rather than reality. A creative agency is full of long-haired dreamers and digital wizards who believe in unicorns, right?

In fact, being a successful ‘creative’ by profession means a great deal more than that. This is important to know if you’re looking for a leading UK creative agency to build your brand and achieve competitive success.

So, what is a creative agency exactly, and what’s involved in the creative process?

Beyond imagination – what a design agency does

Some of the words more accurately associated with this design field are innovation, invention and digital solutions.

In essence, organisations come to a creative agency with a business need. The artists, technicians and internet experts within the agency then match that need to original concepts and tools.

As the internet is so dominant in contemporary communications, it’s not surprising that many of those solutions will focus on digital creativity. For example, improving your website success with impressive graphic designs.

Your creative agency may well recommend projecting your brand by commissioning video production too. After all, this is the content that’s demanded by a wide range of modern consumers and business decision-makers.

Or, perhaps eye-catching and memorable printed materials will fulfil your business goals, or you will be advised to commission better packaging designs.

Some creative agencies specialise in one type of business solution, but Creative Jam cuts across all genres of innovation by design.

Branding for success

The services of a creative agency put the ‘icing on the cake’ if you have a well-established brand. What happens if your ‘cake’ is not successfully attracting sales ‘nibbles’?

Fortunately, a fundamental role of a creative agency is to help clients to craft strong and compelling branding. Get that right, and all the other invention and innovation has a solid basis.

To be an agency that’s excellent at branding, you can certainly forget wild flights of imagination. For the Creative Jam team, a big part of the process is gathering and interpreting cold, hard facts.

Optimising your Creative Agency

‘Optimising’ is such a cool contemporary word, basically meaning getting the best out of something.

We’ve already mentioned that with Creative Jam, our development and design work pivots on relevant business intel.

Therefore, our role involves:

• Listening to clients carefully.
• Doing LOTS of leg work (well, keyboard work), researching opportunities, competitors and obstacles for example.
• Pooling our various experts’ specialist knowledge and skills
• Crafting unique creative solutions that work, brilliantly!

If your agency can’t promise this amount of effort and hard work, you may well be paying for fairy dust!

Chase business success, not myths

Apart from the whole unicorn/long-haired/dreamer thing, there are other myths about creative agencies. Including you must go big to get results, and you need deep pockets for the best design solutions.

Neither of these is true, thanks to Creative Jam’s responsive, award-winning services.

As our creative ideas showcase proves, it’s actually impossible to say what a creative agency does, exactly. It all depends on what you want to achieve, and the imaginative, innovative, inventive but always business-focused outcomes we provide.

Get in touch with us today to arrange a meeting. (In the interests of transparency, it’s true that some of us do have long hair, and believe in unicorns!)