Biceps Don’t Grow On Trees!

Brawn is an app-based data driven competitive platform for powerlifters. We have loved helping to develop their brand and community through their digital profile on Instagram with posts, reels and video content.

From visiting them at their very own gym in Halifax for a fantastic day filming, to creating images and posters. Brawn is at the forefront of the lifting community. Endorsed by world famous competitors and championing the LARGEST GLOBAL VIRTUAL LIFTING EVENT. Not only are we proud of the material we have created for Brawn, we have also enjoyed being a part of their journey.


Working together with Brawn we have had the opportunity to create some awesome content, including the video below. This video is inspired by modern trends in advertising. We wanted it to be fast and engaging while cleverly getting the message of the video across. By combining video footage, text and editing it to the music, this video is memorable and relatable. We have loved creating video content, from videos like the below, to inspiring Instagram posts and amazing reels to be seen by all of Brawn’s followers.

Designed For Lifters

Brawn is passionate about building a global community of strength athletes that inspires and motivates others to achieve their personal goals. We can’t say we are strength athletes in the slightest… but we can appreciate and promote the level of commitment and dedication across their platforms; sharing the achievements of their followers and using our skills to convey their brand and keep their passion alive online.

Time To START Lifting…

The possibilities are endless with this ever evolving and innovative gym. We can’t wait to work on many more projects and keep shouting about how they can improve your lifting journey. We are excited to continue our partnership with Brawn as they expand into printed marketing, including posters, flyers and banners for gyms to promote their app.


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