Safety First

Dalton Safety are dedicated to providing the highest quality safety products and solutions to ensure the well being of individuals and organisations, be it hardworking builders or (equally hardworking) creatives like us!

We were sent a box of sample knives and blades, and we’re happy to confirm they are indeed safe! Ceramic blades may be the way forward to injury-free unboxing.

We were approached by Dalton Safety to create several product videos, highlighting the benefits of using their range of Slice safety knives.


Cutting Edge Animation

The animations we produced are short and informative, getting the point across in a visual way, without the usual jargon you might find in a product video. See for yourself!

Cut Above the Rest

So, we were tasked with creating informative videos about the benefits of Dalton Safety’s products, and we hope that we’ve helped make the world a safer, laceration-free place! We still have more in the works so keep an eye out for more tips on how to keep all your limbs intact!


Helpful product videos

Boxes opened safely

Blade-related injuries