Sound The Alarm!

New site, now live!

E.H.T Alarms provide a fantastic home and business security service. With products and services ranging from CCTV systems to alarms, fire services and door access. They really are protecting your future!

They came to us for a new logo and a fresh website. We could not be happier with how the finished logo and website have come together.


The Site

Once we had the logo designed and approved by the client, it was then time to move on to the website. The brief was for it to be an information site to explain who E.H.T Alarms are and what they can offer their customers. We used some of the content from their existing website but gave it a complete make-over!

We produced an easy to navigate, modern and responsive site using WordPress. We designed the site around their new logo and branding. The client was incredibly pleased with the outcome, but don’t just take our word for it, check it out for yourself here.

The Logo

Here is the final logo. The client needed something bold and easily recognisable. The logo had to be simple and effective, so it could be used on various materials, such as: equipment, employee clothing, company cars and vans.

For this reason we wanted to design the logo using bold fonts and colours. The client suggested he liked green, and so we took that on board to produce a fresh modern logo using green and grey.



Happy Chappy

We had one happy client when completing this website. He was very pleased with how the logo, colours and images all tied in together to create his new brand.

Since then, he has had the logo printed on his company t-shirts. It looks great – even if we say so ourselves!


New website

Happy client

Alarm systems fitted