The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

We had the absolute pleasure of designing the souvenir programme for this year’s Christmas theatre extravaganza, ELF!

After working on last year’s production of the Peter Pan brochure the producers returned to us (as we’re such fun to work with). The best part was we got to chat with the Elf show star Martine McCutcheon! That’s right, we’re now mixing with the celebs!

Treat Every Day Like Christmas

Well it certainly did feel like every day was Christmas while we were designing this souvenir programme. Whenever we work with clients from the entertainment industry it’s always guaranteed to be a lot of fun, but when you throw Christmas into the mix too it triples that fun!

Our client provided us with all the cast photos and text but then left the rest up to us to get as creative and Christmassy as possible. So we sprinkled our magical sparkly glitter and no sooner had they said “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” was the programme ready to go to print.

We Like To Stick To The Four Main Food Groups

That’s right, at Creative Jam, when it comes to design we like to stick to the four main food groups and ensure that all our designs are food for the eyes, the soul, the heart and the mind! Luckily our client agreed and the programme was a huge success with everyone who attended the shows at Wembley and Birmingham Arena.

We’re Not Cotton Headed Ninny Mugginses!

No, we certainly aren’t! In fact our client enjoyed our work so much we’re now regularly booked to do the graphic design work for their programmes and souvenir brochures.

So look out for more Christmas shows coming up where we’ll be creating the digitally imagery to sell the show as well. And remember, there’s room for everyone on the Nice List!


Sold out arena shows

People saw & bought our programme

Main food groups, (all candy based!)