Fusion Coatings can transform your flooring from tired to shiny and new. Their team of flooring experts can sort you out a brand new resin flooring using the latest technologies and techniques.

We firstly created a new logo that encompasses all of Fusion Coatings. We then went on to design their website. They not only needed a functional website to promote and explain their services, but also for selling their products.

Flooring You With Our Site Design

The website needed to be as slick as their flooring! It needed to be informative to promote and explain their services, as well as, functional to sell their products.

We produced an easy to navigate, modern and responsive site using WordPress with the capability to add and purchase products in your basket. We designed the website around their new branding based from the logo. The client was incredibly pleased with the outcome. Check it out here.

Floor Blimey

We have also created other marketing collateral such as business cards and a digital brochure, which you can download from their website.



Floor The Record

From initial design to more recent data sheets, we have enjoyed our ongoing partnership with Fusion Coatings. The website was just what our client was after. They were very pleased with the useability and how their branding has come together. We look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

KG Resin

Shiny Floors

New Website