Not All Superheroes Wear Capes

We could not be prouder to be a part of sharing and educating what incredible work the Head & Neck Cancer Foundation perform. This life changing organisation are pioneers in the development of treatments for head and neck cancers.

They came to us firstly to create a video explaining the latest developments with Sentinel Node Biopsy procedures and we were blown away by the knowledge, technology and passion of the surgeons. We then had the privilege of meeting a few of the people that they have helped to create patient stories.

Our Videos

Firstly, we went to London where we did a day shoot with the company‘s CEO Michelle Vickers and two of the leading surgeons, Professor Mark McGurk and Dr Clare Schilling. They did a fantastic job of explaining the procedures and also advocating how important it is to make sure your mouth is healthy. We also got to film patient stories where we saw first hand how they have changed people’s lives.

The shoot in London was such a success that we got invited to film in one of the few hospitals that are doing these non-invasive surgeries using the technology that the Head & Neck Foundation provides.


Time To Fly

One of the hospitals that are equipped for these procedures is Sunderland Royal hospital and so we got to pack our bags and all our equipment to film at the hospital.

This was an incredible experience. We filmed another two patient stories and had the absolute privilege of meeting the doctors and nurses that make this all possible.


With Special Thanks To All The Staff, Doctors And Patients

Over the past couple of years we have built a great relationship with Michelle and everyone involved with the charity and we’re pleased to say they’re the most awesome, fun and genuine people you’re likely to meet. We love working with them and hope to work on more of their projects in the future.

Trip to Sunderland

Patient stories

Hours filming