At Your Service!

Hillclimb Garage is local to Creative Jam Towers, and they’ve even fixed some of our cars! A very helpful and friendly bunch, so we were keen to return the favour in the best way a creative agency can! 

We have built a website, created banners and even designed their front desks, and they keep coming back for more, so it’s safe to say we have satisfied customers!




Expert Service

One of our tasks was to create graphics for the front of the new desks, which would greet customers to the garage. We made them bright and cheerful, a welcoming sight to anyone in need of help with their car. We think they work well, and they match some of the other work we have done as well!

Customer Driven

Every business needs a website, right?

Hillclimb are no exception, and we made sure to give them the best quality website money can buy. When it comes to web design, we like to make things intuitive and easy to use, without compromising the friendly look and feel of the garage.


Local and Friendly

If you’re looking for a friendly, local garage, Hillclimb are the answer to all your problems! You can even check out our creative handy work while you wait! And if it just so happens that your car needs repairs now, you can visit the page by clicking the image above!


Tyres changed

MOTs passed