It’s Hip To Be Hippo

There’s only one thing we love more than designing a slick and beautifully functioning e-commerce website, and that’s designing a slick and beautifully functioning e-commerce website whilst helping the environment at the same time!

Hippo Bottles came to us as a new brand looking to sell their reusable metal bottles online, and we’re so glad they did!

Not An Ordinary E-Commerce Site

The trickiest part to the site was coding the shop pages so that customers could select multiple options of different colour lids with different colour bottles whilst at the same time allowing personalisation with engraving (that you can see real-time whilst typing). If that makes no sense at all then you’d best go visit the website to see what we mean. Click here to be astounded, (and to start your new love affair with the Hippo Bottles products).

It’s All About The Imagery

Hippo Bottles also asked us to help with their photography and to create a short, dynamic and punchy promotional video.

The video is on the website and the images we used throughout. Now every month they’ve also commisioned us to create the imagery for their social media. If you look very closely you’ll see our Director Matt and our digital marketing expert Martin helping to model for the shots! (Best not give up the day job!)


Going Forwards

As with many of our clients this project to create the website is just the start of an ongoing relationship. Not only will we continue to be here for support with the website should there be any issues or if they need anything updating, but we are also on hand any time they need new promotional material in their quest to take over the world and rid the planet of plastic bottles! Well done Hippo, well done!

Product shots

Hours of retouching

Brilliant website