Turn It Up!

Love Local Radio are a boutique media consultancy specialising in Independent Local Radio. They offer consultancy services and are the first and only one-stop distribution solution for advertising and sponsored content in their sector. 

They’re not a traditional media buyer and they don’t buy spots using the methods of the commercial radio sector. They offer a new and exciting approach that is not just radio advertising, but localised radio communications.


The Logo

One of the most fulfilling task for a designer is to create a brand from scratch and to watch it grow. There is no prouder feeling than seeing a logo that you’ve created up in lights and that brand succeeding in part because of your input.

That’s exactly what happened here when LLR came to us with a brief needing a logo with a retro, and perhaps quirky yet welcoming feel. We were rather chuffed with how happy they were with the outcome.

The Brand

So it’s never just about the logo, there is a lot more to branding than that. Not everyone, however, needs nor can afford a 380 page brand guidelines document which is why we offer many smaller solutions. In this case, all they needed was a one pager. It does the trick nicely and is a great starting point for if they grow and need something more substantial further down the line.


The Mission

Love Local Radio’s mission is to create a radio revolution where brands, business and society celebrate their unique place on the map. We hope that we have done our small part in helping them start that amazing journey.


Logo design options

Chosen design

Page brand guidelines document