With Great Flooring Comes Great Responsibility

What an exciting project this was! 🙂

This Marvel comic book flooring looks nothing short of stunning and so they wanted a promotional video to help show case it in it’s full glory.

We loved the flooring so much that we’ve decided to add it to our office! If you’d like to check it out you’re welcome to pop in for a coffee and a chat – and whilst you’re here we can discuss your own marketing needs!


The Trailer Video

We filmed them installing the flooring into an apartment building over the course of 8 hours and condensed it into a short 1 minute time lapse video, interspersed with the various selling points and benefits of the flooring.

We’ve always thought flooring lacks some punch. Shades of wood, beige carpet – these are the flooring options of mere mortals. No longer. Now you can have flooring worthy of Asgard, and make your home come to life with your favourite Marvel comics.

The Flyer

As well as a video Exklusiv, (the company partnering with Marvel to create this awesome high gloss flooring), needed us to create a flyer to help get the word out there more.

So armed with a DSLR camera, the Adobe creative suite and our sensational design skills we took some awesome photos of the product and created these leaflets.



Being a bunch of creatives we definitely each have a not-so-secret nerd streak and so when we were asked to be involved in this project with Marvel we jumped at the opportunity.

We put all our skills in video production, filming, editing, photography and graphic design to the test and judging by the response from the client we came out victorious!


Hours condensed into 1 timelapse

Comic book board designs

Superheroes harmed in the making