Meet Me At The Barre!

Having just had a make over The Orchard Dance Academy needed some new printed marketing materials. After speaking about potential ways we could enhance and bring to life their brand, we started on a new brochure for the dance school.

The design for the brochure had to be classy and slick, with just enough ‘jazziness’ to get children and young dancers excited.

Take Centre Stage

Once we had the images and text, it was time to design! We knew we wanted to include past and present students to showcase the variety of dances, as well as, the SPECTACULAR SHOWS!

Using large images and bold text we were able to create a stylish brochure. With bright colours and eye catching images, the brochure brought the performances to life.

The Show Must Go On

The printed brochure was a huge success! Printing is always important, but even more so with a classy brochure. This brochure has a soft touch front cover and gloss pages inside. This gives it a premium feel, whilst being engaging to look through. 

Dreams Do Come True

We had so much fun working on this elegant project. From start to finish, it was a dream job! Which will hopefully inspire young dancers to attend The Orchard Dance Academy and make their dreams come true!

The Orchard Dance Academy were very pleased with the end product and have been handing it out to budding dancers ever since.

Dance styles

Standing ovations

Dance attempts by us