A Partnership Made In Heaven

Well, ok, the partnership was actually made in High Wycombe, but ever since we joined forces with Partners& we really have felt a special connection with them.

We first teamed up with their marketing department in early 2019 when a family run insurance company from Buckinghamshire was taken over and decided they needed a full rebrand. They haven’t looked back since and we’re proud to say we’ve been a massice part of their emergence as beautiful butterflies in the world of insurance.

Insurance With A Difference

This isn’t just any ordinary insurance company. Through their collective experience, they’ve observed many of the best and worst practices in the insurance advisory market and they’re now tyring to challenge the status quo and aim to establish a new level of service. They combine the best traditions of technical advice and client centricity, with modern thinking and smart use of systems and technology to enhance the client experience and create a dynamic workplace for our team.


Everything Is Premium

From corporate brochures to cusiness cards and explainer video animations to promotional mugs everything Partners& require is premium and so is a joy to work on.

They also have a lot of fun items to work on too as we get to help them with their internal marketing which can afford to be a little more quirky and slightly less corporate.


Our Extended Jamily

We feel so lucky to be working with the Partners& marketing team, we’re not sure if they’re more part of our team or we’re more part of theirs. But either way they certainly are one of our most favourite, dynamic, and awesome clients that are open to our creative ideas and hugely fun to work with!

Mugs Delivered

Hours worked

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