Who Doesn’t Love Stationery, Right?

Much like as a parent you’re not supposed to have a favourite child we’re probably not supposed to have a favourite client, however, STABILO would certainly be right up there if we were asked the question!

It’s definitely the most fun and creative brand we work on and we all absolutely love creating artwork for them to the point where it doesn’t even feel like real work.
We create much of they’re social media posts from cartoon illustrations through to videos and we’re proud to be a part of their wonderfully colourful world.


Let Those Creative Juices Flow

STABILO is one of those brands where we can really let the left side of our brain enjoy itself. When we started work on their UK Instagram campaign we were given free reign over ideas and content and coudln’t have enjoyed ourselves more!

Colour Me Good!

This wonderful piece was our creation for STABILO’s drawing wall at the “Spirit of Christmas” exhibition in London. All customers who came to the their stand grabbed a pen, chose a section of the wall and coloured it in – by the end of the day it was full of Christmas colour!



Since 2016 STABILO have been part of the Creative Jamily and we’ve enjoyed every second of it. And we wouldn’t use any other brand of pen, pencil, crayon or indeed any other writing implement. If you cut us open we all bleed rainbow coloured blood! #STABILOforlife

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