Everyone, start your engines

We are so proud to show the work we have been creating with Yuasa. We have worked on several video projects with ‘The world’s leading battery manufacturer’ over the last year, and we couldn’t be happier with the results!

Firstly, we filmed them in action in one of their factories. Seeing the ins and outs of this battery making machine.

Then we filmed their latest battery testers to produce a promotional video explaining and demonstrating how these work.

The latest video created saw us going to Wales on a fantastic day shoot. We filmed at the Yuasa Rally Team workshop, and the final video was described as ‘EPIC’. Check it out below.

Our Videos

Our close relationship with Yuasa has had us making many different videos. This has been an amazing opportunity to not only create the more corporate explainer videos, but also for us to get CREATIVE!

The reveal

The driving force behind this video is the reveal of the car and the tension building as Matt Edwards prepares for his next race.

We really wanted this video to be powerful and impactful. This was at the forefront of our brains when shooting. Each shot was carefully structured and lit to capture the intensity of rally racing. 

Off to a flying start!

We love the variety of videos we have created with Yuasa and are pleased that there will be future projects on the horizon.


Hour round trip

Racing legend

Brilliant staff