Make the BEST connections on social media with post-ology ad gurus!

Blah, blah, blah! How much rubbish do you see on social media? Yet, the chances are you still spend time wading through dog rescue videos, hilarious memes or posts about trending products.

You’re not alone. Especially as the pandemic made it more of a go-to for entertainment, information and even help with making buying decisions!

Here’s a Creative Jam insight you can’t afford to ignore. Consumers are four times more likely to splash the cash on purchases if they see favourable content on social media.

But mine isn’t a hip, trendy consumer business!

To be blunt, ignoring social media as a digital marketing option is not an option!

Before we tell you how we boost business success via social media, let’s look at why it matters that you find a highly recommended social media agency.

Can you imagine 3.6 billion people? Well, that’s social media’s worldwide community. By 2025, that mind-boggling statistic will be 4.41 billion. That’s like, a lot of people man!

If your target demographic is older age groups, don’t think for one second they’re not joining this globally connected throng!

Around 69% of people aged 50-64, and 40% who are aged 65 and over, use social media. A figure that’s bound to grow fast as tech-savvy generations mature.

We can show you which social media platforms your customers use, and how.

That’s important. For example, you might not find older demographics strutting their stuff doing the latest Tik Tok dance craze, but you may find them LOL-ing at – and sharing – Facebook videos. (You’ll probably see them posting stickers of cartoon animals holding a heart or something in just about every comment section they can find too, but I digress).

Which social media platform will work for me? We know!

Your effective social media strategy will focus largely on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. We know the big players intimately, but how to maximise the newbies too!

“Should Tik Tok be in my social media campaign?” Our blog on the fastest growing social media platform in history covers this.

Or, chat to us about the latest trends on all social media platforms, to get organic and paid-for content with a measurable ROAS.

The power of social media advertising

Done badly, ads on social media are just a money drain.

In the hands of a creative agency – like us, the really cool dudes with all the shiny awards – advertising on Facebook and other platforms can be hugely successful.

They shorten a customer’s journey. Compelling ad? That’s a click. Landing page with user and brand-focused content? That’s another click. Before you know it, you’ve just made a sale!

Modern consumers and B2B decision-makers want personalised approaches, speed and convenience. With us, you get the best social media advertisements to cash in on that!

Popularise and monetarise my social media, please!

Social media gets to your audiences, and it influences them.

Now you just need the right strategy to get your products and services noticed in a meaningful way to start seeing an upturn in sales.

One call or email to Creative Jam could get you better connected on social media.

You’ve just got to ‘LIKE’ that idea! Right?

…I’ll see myself out.