Animaton sellsengages and connects!

You need to take animation seriously if you want to promote products and services in a fun way!

Consumers rely on modern technology and have notoriously short attention spans.

(No seriously, we’re talking like, goldfish-level attention spans!)

That makes ‘cartoons’ a brilliant way of giving them information in an enjoyable, attention-grabbing and shareable way.

Get the right animation agency in your team and bring brand marketing bang up to date using tried-and-true methods!

Animation sells

As of May 2021, Mickey Mouse is 93 years old. Yes, really. Oh, and he was originally called Mortimer by the way!

Yet, his merchandise is in most shops today. Collectables are much-sought-after, and a gold Mickey minted for Walt Disney’s 100th birthday is valued at $4 million!

However, animation doesn’t need to have a world-famous geriatric rodent in it to take a bite out of your sales targets.

It just needs to employ Creative Jam’s talent for fresh and creative visual content!

Animation engages!

When someone is described as ‘animated’, they’re being colourful, lively and showing intense emotions.

That’s what Creative Jam does for your product or service.

We turn your selling message into something colourful and lively, that can create an emotive response.

Using award-winning skills – and advanced software to create boundary-breaking realism – we produce short films that get you noticed and understood.


• Brilliant 3D and 2D explainer videos.
• Artistic typography
• Liquid movement graphics
• Moving line drawing graphics
• Outstanding content for social media.
• Sales promotions that create a strong reaction.
• Training aids with universal appeal.
• Easy to understand digital presentations on complex topics.

Animation connects you to audiences

We could hit you with a ton of evidence why moving imagery is such as vital part of your content!

Let’s just leave you with two statistics (there’s more elsewhere on our site).

Videos on social media are shared 1200% more, than static text and images.

This might not come as a great surprise when you consider all the videos that get shared online of people being woken up or pranked by their mates in devastatingly hilarious ways, but from a marketing perspective that’s more than twelve times as many people being exposed to your brand!

Another corker of a statistic is that people remember a whopping 95% more information from videos than they do from reading text alone! And if that’s the increase from regular old videos, can you imagine how much higher that would be if that video was a wicked animation made by Creative Jam?!

We optimise the timeless and widespread love of motion graphics.

Think about it. People grow up loving animation. In fact, some adults never lose their devotion to cartoon characters (in the charming and nostalgic way… usually).

Switch the TV to find classics like Tom & Jerry, The Simpsons and Scooby-Doo alongside newcomers such as PAW Patrol and Baby Yoda! Disney, Pixar and DreamWorks delight millions worldwide; and where would the popular video games market be without gifted animators!

Creative Jam makes no secret of being glued to all this visual inspiration. It helps us to make all our award-winning creative graphics and videos unmissable!

Gawrsh….people love animation, so count me in!

Creative Jam combines the latest animation techniques and creative output with another essential pillar of effective marketing. Tangible business goals! Whether that’s to educate, inform, persuade or sell (and in some rare cases to take the ‘Mickey’ out of something).

Even ‘Minnie’ presentations are packed with meaning.

So, don’t be Goofy, get in touch and get your marketing message authentically animated!