How a top branding agency makes you… outstanding!

Companies rise and fall on the strength of their brands. Without investing in help from a top branding agency, you risk having your products or services overlooked. Or, even being invisible!

Creative Jam gets you seen.

Logo vs Brand

Let’s start by making something crystal clear. Is brand the same thing as a logo? Nope! We can’t wait to explain the difference!

Your brand is a detailed profile of your product, service or organisation. It sums up what you’re ‘selling’ and your unique selling propositions (USPs). In other words, it differentiates you from competitors and encapsulates the benefits and experiences you’re promoting.

Imagine you own a hot dog stand and you’re on the same street corner as five other hot dog stands. All of you are offering the same product (which happen to be hot dogs – shocker!) to potential customers. So how do people know to come to your hot dog stand instead of any of the others if they haven’t tried them yet? Well, your fancy sign certainly helps, but what really helps you stand out from the crowd is your colour scheme, your funny hat and your amusing-yet-suggestive stand name.

Brand is the who, what and why of marketing. Know your audience, drill down on exactly what you’re selling and why customers should choose you.

We help clients uncover all that, for new or existing products or services.

What’s in a brand ‘toolbox’?

With a firm grip on the benefits and the experiences you’re selling, Creative Jam moves on to develop a brand identity.

Yes, this is where your logo comes in! However, it’s also the typefaces, colours and passive marketing tools that create the right image for your brand. Everything from web designs to staff uniforms, even the five million pens you see sat in a pot in banks!

You also need brand statements. This is the Content that sums up your product or service brilliantly. It underpins all your marketing outreach, with a starring role within your website, literature and emails for example.

The perils of not using a branding agency

It’s like this. A strong, clear brand built using Creative Jam helps to underpin your sales and marketing success. That dictates whether you grow as a business, or shrivel up like Jedward’s singing career.

You could be feeling smug at this point. No one knows your product or service better than you. That doesn’t make it easy to develop and use your brand!

Having a brand is one thing, communicating it in an unmissable and compelling way is a whole different kettle of fish! (Did you know that expression comes from making a mess of fish by not cooking it properly?!).

First impressions count, as does consistency.

For our team at Creative Jam, the process of branding isn’t so different from making a pizza.

Yep, it’s time for another food analogy!

We prep our dough (our creative process), top it off with our ingredients (our diverse range of skill-sets, minus the pineapple) and cook them in our oven (the tools we use to get the job done) until it comes out looking absolutely divine, ready to serve to our clients!

Knowing how to mix innovation – and marketing acumen – with tangible business goals is why we win awards!

Choosing the right branding agency

Working in partnership with skilled branding agency Creative Jam means making your product or service attractive, compelling and utterly unmissable.

We also build authentic brands. Assessing authenticity is how 86 per cent of consumers decide which brand to support or buy.

If you can see all the benefits of developing a supercharged brand, to stand out in your marketplace, you need an outstanding branding agency. Drop Creative Jam a line! (back to fish again).