Explain your product and sell your product at the same time!

Explainer films: What are they and why choose Creative Jam?

Explainer films combine both audio and visual stimuli, highlighting your company’s products, services or purpose in just a 90-second clip. They’re designed to captivate and entice your audience quickly and efficiently, leaving them intrigued and wanting to find out more.

Short videos allow for your business to paint a more focused picture of what you’re trying to sell. The way consumers shop online has changed, meaning the way we market our services has to adapt, making explainer films a must-have promotional tool in 2021 marketing.

In short, they’re a pretty big deal when it comes to compelling your desired audience. And if you’re not incorporating video within your online presence, you’re likely to fall behind your competitors. No pressure!

But don’t sweat it. Our fun and geeky family here at Creative Jam are armed with all the skills to help your company elevate your marketing campaign successfully. In fact, we even received the UK Enterprise Award for Best Creative Agency, awarded by SME News – no big deal!

Our team of tech-savvy experts are oozing with creativity, have bags of experience, and we like to think we’re great fun to work with (so our clients say).

But don’t just take our word for it – our portfolio of successful labour speaks for itself!

How can explainer films benefit your business?

Explainer films can benefit your business in a plethora of ways. Having videos embedded in your site gives you a better chance of ranking higher in Google searches.

What’s more, consuming video content will prolong the time users spend on your site, making your content more valuable – think of them as brownie points with Google.

Clips can easily be shared online too, and if consumers are interested, they might just do so. And what does that mean for you? A much wider reach with the possibility of reaching new potential customers. Not to mention it’s cost-effective.

Plus, if your clip packs a punch, it’s likely to make more of an impression than simple text or imagery. This is ideal for building on your brand’s reputation and increasing traffic.

YouTube is the core platform for sharing video content, including explainer films. And with YouTube mobile videos growing by 100% every year, your presence here could transform your business.

In a nutshell, explainer films are shaping the way we consume advertising.

How to get started?

We’re more than happy to assist in sprucing up the way you market to your consumers! Get in touch today and let’s have a chat!