A graphic design agency to get you seen, and valued!

Around 90% of the information that reaches our brain is visual. Images influence our decisions, emotions and behaviours.

So, it stands to reason that all companies in Chesham need fabulous graphic design to make an impact. Without it, your marketing activities fall short and you’re seriously underselling your products and services.

If you are based in Chesham and want to open customers’ eyes and get them to value what you sell, you need a strong layer of Creative Jam genius!

What is graphic design?

We’ve shown you why graphic design matters, but what exactly is it?

At one time, a graphic design agency built your complete brand identity, including your logo, and applied that to literature, signage and exhibition stands, for example.

Then along came digital marketing!

Graphic design is now every organisation’s primary communications tool online, and includes things like website page layouts and crucially important social media visual content.

Every colour, shape, line and feature of your web pages and marketing materials matter, as do textures, fonts and imagery. Even the white space counts!

Creative Jam expertly mixes innovative ideas, your business goals and powerful imagery to give your brand or individual products the ultimate level of visibility online.

(Though we also deliver on the traditional graphic design agency briefs too, including unmissable exhibition stands.)

What does good graphic design ‘look like’

One of the reasons Creative Jam is such a highly recommended graphic design agency is we understand visual content is more than just a ‘pretty face’.

Some graphic designers do breathtaking work that serves absolutely no tangible business purpose whatsoever. While this type of work is a welcome addition to the appearance of your business assets, it’s not the be-all and end-all of graphic design. It’d be like buying yourself a nice shiny Lamborghini without any tires!

We don’t just want to cake your organisation in a mountain of metaphorical makeup. We craft and deliver great visual content that’s practical, looks good and builds your reputation and brand in Chesham and beyond!

In other words, graphic designs that look amazing whilst working hard. Improving website traffic, lead conversion and sales in a flash.

The art of contemporary graphic design

Do you know the first thing Creative Jam does for a new graphic design brief? We use our ears and mouths!

We listen and ask the right questions, drilling down on your business goals, challenges and opportunities.

Then, we become YOUR graphic design agency; an extension of your business development team. Like having a third arm that’s REALLY artsy-fartsy.

Have a look at some of the designs we’ve produced for previous clients in and around Chesham and you’ll see they’re all highly individual and focused on tangible business benefits.

Also, take a look at both our impressive team profiles and award-winning track record. Just like our graphic design services, we’re not just attractive, we’re also effective!

Success needs to be seen to be believed

If you’d like to see for yourself why Creative Jam is the best choice for all your graphic design needs, get in touch and let’s get to work on some absolutely cracking visuals to give your brand the recognition it deserves!