Because illustration is more than just drawing funny stickmen – it’s an art that sells!

The oldest illustration in the world was created over 45,000 years ago. It’s a life-sized cave drawing of a wild pig, that archaeologists found in Indonesia.

While we reckon this is a cool-but-random part of human history, Creative Jam has brought the art of illustration right up to date!

That includes using advanced digital tools or old-school techniques to create unforgettable illustrations. Artwork you can use on your website and social media, or mount on your walls!

A quick ‘sketch’ of what a top illustration agency can do

Think of an image. Any image.

We can draw or paint it! In any style, from quirky cartoon to impressionist rendering.

Then, you can use your unique illustration for marketing storytelling, infographic content, website fun, photograph enhancement, boardroom artwork… the list goes on.

Our award-winning team knows how to ‘paint your brand’ in the best possible light!

Best illustration methods

Being tech wizards is great, but it’s important to have traditional illustrative skills too. Our creative team can do pencil drawings (including ancient-looking ones of wild pigs, assuming our little factoid at the top gave you some ideas), and artistic representations using watercolours, acrylics or ink.

This is ideal if you want to commission bespoke artwork, a painting to gift to corporate clients or truly unique display materials.

However, we also use the latest gadgets and gizmos to produce digital illustrations, taking your online visual content to a whole new level!

Visual content gets you noticed!

Humankind has come full circle since battles and livestock tallies were painted on cave walls (could you imagine how a caveman would react to photoshop?!) Marketing and communications are all about pictures.

Whether that’s superb product photographs or graphics for ‘How To’ videos and website pages.

Adding illustrations to your text will:

• Get a stronger and more immediate reaction
• Engage your audience better
• Create an emotive response
• Ensure people remember it

Visual information improves learning by around 400%!

That’s because the human brain is wired to process visual input lasting only 13 milliseconds, and to analyse 36,000 visual messages every hour! Science is AWESOME.

Clearly then, your product or service will stick in people’s minds if you put text next to a purpose-created illustration by Creative Jam.

If you need more evidence of why novel images are vital to marketing success, there are lorry loads of visual content statistics. Including the massive boom in people watching videos on their mobiles, checking out ‘stories’ on social media, and making buying decisions based on the imagery they see online.

(I mean come on, we’ve all done that last one at least once right?)

The writing is on the wall…. I need an illustrator!

Creative Jam has its ‘pencils and brushes’ ready for action.

If you’d like an illustrative quote about our illustration services, get in touch!

Let us bring your brand to life!