We need a word with you… print is NOT dead!

Yes, digital marketing is all sorts of magic. However, print still has a crucial role to play in marketing and sales campaigns, as well corporate and internal communications.

This is why we offer epically-impressive print management services, connecting you to your audiences!

Albert Einstein once said: “Creativity is intelligence having fun”. We love that!

Never is it more relevant than when we design and print innovative materials. With our clients’ core business values ‘upfront and centre’.

Doesn’t all information come via the internet?

Despite the emergence of products like the Amazon Kindle which lets you store thousands of books on it, people are still picking up more than 200 million printed books a year in the UK! 

People still love the reassurance of having something solid and possibly even tactile, in their hands or ‘in their face’. 

Whether it’s a memorable business card, an impressively glossy brochure or a stunning 3D display stand, a well-made piece of physical media can be extremely effective.

Posters are a great example of how you can take words out of the realm of technology, and into people’s everyday life! Stick ‘em up!

Walk around an exhibition hall and see how many people collect leaflets still.

With print media there’s no need for you to boot up your device, enter your credentials, go through the process of two-factor authentication and THEN view more information on a brand that’s caught your eye. Your customers can just grab literature about a product or service and store it on a noticeboard, in a kitchen draw or next to their phone, simple as that!

As cool as it may sound, it’s currently a little bit impossible to just yank an ever-changing web page out from your monitor and stick it on your fridge, so that’s where print media comes in!

Do print materials increase sales though?

Remember, print and the internet go together like fish and chips – sure you can have them on their own, but they’re like a gazillion times better together! For example, research shows campaigns using both print and digital ads are 400% more effective than just going ‘one way’.

What about direct mail? Well, 80% of marketing emails aren’t read (especially the ones we don’t create). Whereas 80% of items received through letterboxes are!

Don’t waste money on print - get it right!

Let’s be clear here. People still love print, but it must be materials good enough to capture and hold their attention. Boring corporate stationery or dull as ditchwater leaflets won’t cut the mustard!

We won our raft of awards by understanding how savvy and demanding contemporary consumers and business decision-makers are.

You’ve got to work hard to impress that lot!

Forget cheap online printing. Go above and beyond traditional and ‘bog standard’ marketing materials by commissioning print packed with superb graphics, impactful content and cutting-edge genius!

Print doesn’t need to weigh down your budget

One of the best things about print management from Creative Jam though, is you get physical marketing and communications resources for fair prices. No price scalping here!

In fact, we could write a whole book about the advantages of using our skills and contacts. But, here’s the “back cover blurb”:

• Our print design services make your brand utterly clear and compelling.
• We create stationery, literature and display materials that educate, inform, influence and persuade.
• You get access to the imaginations of our incredible design team, as well as their ability to focus on user-centric print solutions.
• We also know innovative print companies who can do both short and bulk runs – fast – with stunning precision and affordable prices.

Throw that book at me!

If you’re after some print media that’ll knock your socks off (and your customers’ socks too!), just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you ‘book’ a quote!