We’ll help make you Google’s new best friend!

Imagine organising the coolest party on the planet, then forgetting to give people directions to its location.

Well, not investing in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is just like that!

No matter how amazing your website design is, without SEO you’re making it hard for customers to find you. It’s a good job that Creative Jam knows how to get everyone heading to YOUR party!

Is having an SEO agency still important then?

At least 65% of eCommerce purchases start with a search.

Of course, that’s primarily on Google. Just to blow your mind slightly, this website shows you how many Google searches have happened today

(We just looked, and it was almost 4 million searches before we’d even eaten lunch!)

People are looking for products and services like yours. If you haven’t made your web pages ‘searchable’ enough, they’re clicking onto your competitors’ pages. Yikes!

Before we move on to telling you how Creative Jam wins awards and client gratitude as a genius search marketing agency and all-around digital superhero, here’s one last stat.

Firstly, keep in mind that people are increasingly using mobile phones and voice-activated devices to search for companies, places and products. Especially when looking for local providers.

In a two-year span, mobile-based searches containing “near me today/tonight” shot up by 900%!

That really drives home the value of local SEO. And the importance of SEO that focuses on all devices.

Skim the surface, temporary fix, or SEO success

It’s easy to find an SEO agency that ‘talks the talk’. They promise to find the best keywords for your business and to improve your position on Google search results.

Which is simply not enough.

If you’re not in the first five links within organic searches, you’re still not making enough impact.

You need consistently top rankings in search results. Then, you need a link that is impossible to ignore; one that compels internet users to ‘click’.

From there, your landing pages and website content must be strong enough to grab and hold visitor attention, seamlessly converting leads from organic and paid for searches.

It clearly helps that we are a multi-talented team and we do website design as well as SEO!

Creative Jam’s search marketing agency wizardry

SEO can never be an afterthought or something you neglect. Not if you want your business and its website to stay relevant and successful.

Creative Jam understands the science and secrets behind SEO, and how to apply it to website architecture and designs. We know how to formulate page titles, meta descriptions and all the other often-overlooked aspects of SEO.

Our SEO ‘scientists’ can formulate off-page SEO activities too – including Google and social media ad campaigns, content marketing and affiliations. Driving more traffic to your site.

You don’t win awards for smoke and mirrors you know. We’re talking about advanced SEO techniques that drive the RIGHT traffic to your site – customers who will give you the right response.

But what about your other Digital Marketing services?

If you’re all SEO’d out or you need a hand with any other forms of Digital Marketing – don’t worry, we gotchu!

Need an email marketing campaign that’ll leave people wanting to share their emails with their friends like a really awesome version of chain mail? Let’s do it!

Want to let shoppers surfing around Google know that your online store carries those illusive, beautiful unicorn head squirrel feeders? Our PPC advertising’s got you covered!

Do you need social media ads detailing how ruddy brilliant your hot new product is? Or maybe even an article on your website detailing who would win in a fight between a lion and a honey badger (the answer may surprise you)?! No problem!

At Creative Jam we love absolutely everything digital, so we’d be more than happy to work with you to make something wicked.

Get people to my party, NOW!

If you’re ready to make your website pages more searchable – and your Google ranking consistently high – get in touch. We will even add lead conversion tips to your SEO services package. Just part of the way that Creative Jam offers you a gift that keeps on giving!