Combining your brand message with our creativity through visuals!

Go on, admit it. You spend far too much of your day watching dog rescue stories, cute animal antics, people falling over, your friend’s latest rant or some other visual nonsense on social media.

You’re far from alone. Everyone soaks up videos and live streams like never before! This is why Creative Jam has invested so much in building a fresh, brilliant (but always business-orientated) Video Production service.

Well, we didn’t win all our awards (including the UK Enterprise Award for BEST CREATIVE AGENCY from SME News) by standing still!

What’s video production? Anything you want it to be.

We offer everything from wacky and hilarious explainer videos promoting your products to serious interviews with the bosses for high-impact ‘About Us’ website pages.

Video Production isn't just for companies with deep pockets!

Creative Jam keeps the cost of video production down to earth, even when the scripting and creative effects are out of this world. This is because we know how vital it is to organisations like yours.

At one time, forward-thinking businesses added moving imagery to their websites to get a competitive edge. Now, if you don’t do this, you’re going to be completely left behind!

Your customers LOVE to get information and help with purchasing decisions from visual content. This is why social media has boosted all the ways it offers videos and live streams. (Think about how many times you or your customers watch Facebook and Instagram stories.)

The best way to build brands

Video production (using the skills at Creative Jam) gives your brand far more power and potential. Put it this way; if you told customers your brand messages, they would remember around 10% of that information three days later. If you used the same messages within a marketing video from Creative Jam, it’s likely they would remember around 65% of it three days later.

Convert that into more assured brand loyalty and being better able to influence consumer behaviour. WOW!

Finding the best video production

Anyone with a camera can claim to offer you ways to create visual content. However, it’s not your equipment that matters, it’s what you do with it!

Creative Jam will become your new best friend. We will capture all your important brand messages, events, launches and product info. We create videos that inform, educate, influence and persuade to make your brand shine and make it unforgettable!

Just look at the team behind Creative Jam. You could never accuse us of being boring! So, rest assured that while we may not win any Oscars and BAFTAs, our video production services will capture your audience’s attention within social media, websites, blogs or YouTube.

We’re also the best video production team to explore emerging trends, such as Virtual Reality concepts, for the ultimate in unmissable visual content.


Are you wondering how to get started when commissioning visual content for marketing or general corporate communications? It’s easy. Contact us!