We’re quite a humble and modest lot at Creative Jam and we’re not usually ones to blow our own trumpet but we thought in this case, why not? 🙂
A month has passed after the horror of Creative Jam being broken into and having half our equipment stolen. It’s been a terrible few weeks trying to sort insurance, police, working with barely any of our stuff, having to extend deadlines with clients etc and we’ve gone through every emotion from fear to anger to tears but ultimately when you’re running a business you have to settle on determination.
So we’ve dusted ourselves down, stuck two metaphorical fingers up at the people who tried to destroy everything we work so hard for and we’re now nearly back on our feet. The help and words of encouragement from friends and clients has been unbelievable and has certainly restored our faith in humanity.
And that brings me to the really good news: Bark.com, the countries largest talent sourcing database, awarded us the title of best Graphic Designers in Reading and surrounding areas for 2019.
So thank you to everyone for your support. Creative Jam is here to stay! 🙂