If you didn’t sing that title in the same style as Will Smith then quite frankly what on earth is wrong with you? It’s shaping up to be a rather weird and crazy year but that hasn’t stopped the sun from coming out, putting his hat on and doing his best to cheer us all up!

We read somewhere that “we are all in the same storm but in different boats” which we thought was a rather clever analogy for this year so far. So whether you’re on a cruise ship, a yacht, a canoe or even just in the water with a life jacket we hope you’re surviving ok and that those around you are doing their best to help.

We have been one of the lucky ones so far and have had a couple of crazy busy months, and it doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. Working from home begun as a novelty but is fast becoming a rather large frustration as the temptation to never stop working is very in your face, especially when clients are still sending emails at 4am on Sunday too. So we are tired but grateful to be in this position. Ling may it continue, however, we hope to be all together at the office again soon so we can start enjoying this amazing weather together.

We hope the sun is shining on you wherever you are! 😊