The use of video is now widely recognised by marketers as being an integral part of a marketing strategy for all industries, so if video does not feature in your marketing campaigns, you are one step behind the competition. Consumers have changed how they shop – especially since the pandemic first occurred – which means that far more shopping time is spent online, so capitalising on video as a promotional tool to promote products and services is the way forward in 2021.

How video production works

The steps for video production are very straightforward (it’s a doddle if you know what you’re doing and we do!) and consist of three phases: Pre-production, Production, and Post-production.

Phase one (Pre-Production)

Pre-production consists of brainstorming creative ideas and planning. Who is the intended audience? What is the life expectancy of the video? What message are you trying to convey? A storyboard and script are put together in preparation for filming. A cast, props, setting, and film crew are all pulled together to commence filming. Sounds easy? Well, you need to have the know-how, and we have a list longer than your arm of happy clients.

Phase two (Production)

At production point, the filming is made and all the elements in the Pre-production plan are incorporated.

Phase three (Post-production)

At this final stage, editing and tweaking the video takes place to create a polished and final video.

However fully you utilise the three stages of video production, it’s important that you engage with video for your business in 2021. Here’s why video marketing can make such a difference:

1. It allows you to reach a wider audience

Video is current and very popular. It’s easily shareable on social media and that is where a wider audience lurks. Leading social networks like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are major platforms for video and enable a business to reach out and touch potential customers cost-effectively.

2. The impression you make counts

A well-crafted video that’s interesting and engaging will pack a punch. It becomes memorable and grabs attention far greater than written content or a static image.

3. It builds your brand’s reputation

Video provides a business with an opportunity to showcase the people behind it. It could be a simple presentation, a behind-the-scenes tour, or a set of questions and answers. The video makes a business relatable and trustworthy, which strengthens a brand’s image.

4. It helps increase your conversion rate

Video not only enables you to reach a wider audience, but it can also help drive to traffic to a website. This in turn can increase conversion rates.

5. Return on investment

Budgeting for video production in your marketing strategy is a worthwhile investment. A successful video strategy will improve traffic, grow leads, and ultimately increase sales.

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