Even in our digitally focused world, a compelling leaflet can still make or break a marketing campaign. Print marketing is very much here to stay, so let’s take a look at the top five leaflet design tips to ensure your leaflet campaign is a runaway success!

1) Understand your audience

This is an important step that many people overlook as they want to just throw themselves into the excitement of the design process. Take a moment to really consider who you are looking to draw in with your leaflet campaign; how old are they? Where do they live? Where do they shop?

Building up a profile of the people you are looking to attract will help give your design process a focus. It will also ensure you don’t make the fatal error of creating a bland piece of print that tries to appeal to everyone and ends up appealing to no one.

2) Keep it punchy

With most leaflets typically printed in A5, there isn’t room to swamp it with copy. Yet, time and time again, we see leaflets crammed with information that is overwhelming and unappealing. You only have a few seconds to capture someone’s attention with your leaflet, so keep the copy short and intriguing, with a clear call to action. (Seriously, include a call-to-action! It’s like… super important!)

3) Be playful

Consider where your leaflets will be displayed; if they are going in a rack with tons of other leaflets, how will you make sure yours stands out? Be playful, be creative and don’t hide key information at the bottom of the leaflet where it could be covered up by others in a display stand.

Are you using your leaflets for a direct mail campaign? Then mix it up! Go for a quirky, bespoke shape or strong colours that will really make it pop when it lands on your audiences’ doormats.

4) Nothing but the best

When it comes to using images in print, make sure they are always of the highest quality. Even with fantastic design and sharp copy, your brand’s reputation will get completely dragged down by low quality or, heaven forbid, pixelated images. A good designer and printer will usually flag if an image is too low res, but make sure you check your print proof very carefully.

5) Proof it. And again. And again. Yes, really, again.

There is nothing worse than rushing the proofing process and having thousands of leaflets delivered with an embarrassing error on them. Proof your leaflets carefully, then again, then get someone else from outside the process to proof the design with fresh eyes.

Proofing isn’t just about spelling and grammar – ask your proofreader if they can explain in three short points what your leaflet is promoting and how they can find out more information. If they can’t do this, go back to the literal drawing board.

It’s that easy! Always keep these top five leaflet design tips in mind and we can guarantee you’ll always end up with compelling print that smashes it out the park!