Why do the best PPC campaign managers arrive to work late? Because they generate lots of traffic.

Why don’t they like trampolines? Because they react badly to high bounce rates!

Jokes aside, have you heard off-putting things about Pay Per Click campaigns?

Not surprisingly, as done badly, all forms of digital advertising can be a massive money pit, with little discernible effect on sales.

Don’t let that gloomy prospect put you off!

The rest of this article explains that there ARE really good reasons to run PPC advertising campaigns.

(You just need to make sure it’s a data-driven, agile, adjustable, brand-focused and innovative campaign from Creative Jam!)

It makes financial sense
Pay Per Click (PPC) is one of the few online marketing methods with a tangible and measurable success rate. That’s such a rare treat in the digital realm!

You only pay your provider (like Google or Facebook) for a positive interaction with a potential customer. Some pundits put PPC return on investment as high as 200%. That alone makes it worth considering.

Easy to track sales
Your keyword-focused ads link to your landing pages. You can see the volume of traffic generated and evaluate how many visitors transition to your desired action. Simple!

You can stop and start to adjust the success rate
If you place a PPC ad and get too few clicks, you don’t have to pay much. You simply change the ad to find a way of unleashing more clicks.

PPC is demographic-specific product promotion
StrategicPPC campaigns pivot on specific target audiences. This makes it a digital marketing method that’s highly focused on your business goals.

Testing keywords and product responses
As it’s a responsive and adjustable online advertising option, you can use PPC to experiment. Which keywords work best, with which demographic? You can even gauge initial response to new products.

If you get clicks (and costs) but no sales, change the ad fast as the wrong people are reacting.

Done right, you get vital marketing intel
PPC campaigns generate important data you can use to evaluate and amend ad concepts. That same data can inform other aspects of your digital marketing, including the keywords used for on-page and off-page SEO.

PPC builds brand awareness
As your ad appears above organic search results, research shows Google paid ads can increase brand awareness by as much as 80%. Wow!

Quick way to boost profit
Keeping in mind our ‘rider’ that your campaign needs to be structured properly, you can get quick results for PPC advertising, and see profits climb. Building sales from organic digital marketing takes way longer!

PPC on tight budgets
Don’t think you need deep pockets for digital ad campaigns. Choosing the right keywords and placements for PPC advertising affects the cost of course, but you can find ways to test this marketing method on a low budget.

I want a PPC agency I can click with!
Clicking on ways to contact Creative Jam doesn’t cost you anything. But it could result in PPC advertising that makes you say lots of positive keywords about us!