Do you long for the days of been wined, dined and wooed by suppliers, such as leading creative agencies?

Over-indulgent corporate hospitality was dying out long before ‘Rona and Boris put us all under house arrest! Instead, we started selecting subcontractors solely on their merits. With zero extra credit for getting you drunk or introducing you to sporting legends.

It’s a fairer way to decide which is the best creative agency and reflects the fact that this should be a long term, successful relationship – not a one-night stand!

Not that this ‘courtship’ is going to be easy. Choosing a marketing agency post-pandemic involves mostly desktop research.

Any marketing company worth its salt will look good onscreen but making the decision to ‘swipe right’ involves digging down further into what makes a good creative agency. One that delivers on their promises!

What are you looking for?

It starts with you deciding what you want from this relationship.

For example, do you need a one-off website design or regular digital marketing support? Does your perfect creative agency need to be fabulous at video production or brand-focused graphic designs?

In many cases, a good all-rounder like Creative Jam should be on your hot prospects list, so you can dip into various creative ‘tools’ as your business grows.

Can the creative agency back up its claims?

Looking at websites for marketing agencies will give you a good flavour of their capabilities, specialities and portfolio. Does it shout ‘tried, trusted and innovative’?

However, an important way to look beyond their ability to sell themselves is to gauge if they’re an award-winning creative agency. We like to flaunt our accolades constantly because we feel they demonstrate that our industry peers and other influencers agree that we’re rather special! Some may say we’re ‘special’ in other ways too… but nevermind that, on with the article!

What else do people say about them?

Teenagers and the insecure base their dating on the opinions of others. However, finding the right marketing agency is also something you need to ‘ask a friend’ about.

If you can’t get yourself a ‘blind date’ with an agency recommended by a business associate, look for a creative team that provide strong customer testimonials and positive third-party reviews. (Pssst! That’s us!)

Skill mix matters

Dexterity and adaptability matter in a long-term relationship – with a creative agency anyway. Does the team you’re considering have a sufficient breadth of skills, to cover all the contemporary and future marketing trends and opportunities?

Marketing moves fast in the digital age. If you choose a traditional marketing team that ticks boxes, you risk being left behind. Creative Jam breaks those boxes wide open!

Responsive and brand-focused

Get ready to light those candles and throw on some Marvin Gaye – this is where your creative agency courtship gets intimate!

Evaluate just how ‘into you’ they are! Are they asking perceptive questions and doing their own research?

It would be easy to bombard you with hollow or unrealistic ideas and designs that look good but lack substance. (It’s the supermarket flowers or over-sickly chocolates of the marketing sector.) The best creative agencies innovate but always in the context of your specific business aims, quickly grasping your brand (or present a new one).

If anything, the best creative agency should be willing to argue with you a little! Creative Jam is passionate and committed to offering clients proactive marketing concepts that grow their business potential. We want you to succeed just as much as you do!

Cut to the end

One way to cut through to what really matters in this working relationship is to contact Creative Jam! We listen, respond quickly and commit to making your creative agency partnership beneficial and enjoyable.