We don’t have a crystal ball.

We don’t have any kind of ball actually, since our office dog Pixel popped it!

However, we do spend a lot of time peering into the future and making predictions. Not to guess next week’s lottery numbers, but to keep track of design trends for our clients.

So, what do we see for video production in 2022 and beyond?

The way it’s consumed will evolve

People love watching moving imagery – including explainer videos on websites, influencers on YouTube, Livestreams on Facebook and the latest craze on TikTok.

It’s the contemporary communications currency.

This became even more true when the global pandemic cut off in-person communications (and left us all working from home in our PJs, eating chocolate and getting distracted by dog rescue videos).

Creating, sharing and commenting on videos is now part of a Millennial’s daily routine. It’s also increasingly favoured by older age groups, whether that’s live chats to the grandkids or watching DIY project YouTube videos.

This trend will gather pace, so more and more content will transition to video.

In the Cisco Annual Internet Report, the technology giant outlined how faster internet speeds and greater connectivity will lead to video becoming 82% of all consumer internet traffic within the coming year.

Central to business communications

Video will also increasingly be the way companies ‘talk to each other’ – both for marketing purposes, and to improve the clarity of commercial communication.

Video production is currently an occasional need, within a wider design strategy. However, just like teenagers recording snippets of film to share with friends, organisations will increasingly engage video production teams on retainers to create a constant flow.

This will enable them to regularly record products or services in action, and update major customers dynamically and immediately.

Methods to share videos will continue to grow

It’s no coincidence that TikTok became the fastest growing social media platform in history. It supplies fun, swift and informative videos!

Could the next big thing be on the way? With other social media channels jumping on the video goldmine – including YouTube’s recent competitor to TikTok, YouTube Shorts – maybe it’s only a matter of time before a new TikTok emerges.

Website designers are also finding new and innovative ways to incorporate video into pages. Not least as 90% of consumers use video content to inform their buying decisions!

Video Production techniques will include VR and AR

Evermore sophisticated mobile and wearable technology – tapping into faster internet speeds – will make viewing video simpler.

Naturally, the top video production teams will find ways to evolve this into Augmented Reality content, helping clients engage with audiences by blending video with physical cues.

There will be more Virtual Reality marketing videos under production too, as the tech needed becomes more affordable and available. Whether you’re with it or against it, all signs point to ads becoming much more prominent while you’re slicing up blue and red cubes in Beat Saber. (Incidentally, Beat Saber is a ruddy good workout!)

Cost-effective video production, open to all!

This is probably the most significant video trend for 2022 and beyond. In fact, for NOW!

Alongside more demand for marketing video – and a greater appetite from consumers and business decision-makers – it’s an option for all companies. Not just those with deep pockets.

That’s because the award-winning video production team at Creative Jam have one last secret to share with you. Authentic, warm and engaging videos, made to tight budgets, really work! The public doesn’t respond as well to glitzy, over the top productions with bells and whistles!

Get in touch to discuss your video production needs! (Or to organise a kick about, but you’ll have to supply your own ball).