How great would it be, having highly skilled staff you can switch off when you don’t need them for a while. No sick days or holidays to cover. No wondering if they’re currently earning their salaries. You don’t even need to buy them a birthday cake!

Switch them off – then on again to get your next project sorted.

No, this is not some form of robot (though that sounds super cool). It’s the joy of bringing in expert help on a retainer contract!

Here are more reasons to put a top creative agency on retainer.

Instant skill boost for your marketing

You get masses of talent, without any of the hassle and expense of recruiting or employing high flying creatives. It’s like having a super-skilled ‘bolt on’ team for your existing marketing department, permanently on standby.

We know you, you know!

If you have a multifaceted company or manufacture a complex product for instance, how much time do you waste re-educating creatives every time you use them? That becomes a thing of the past when you keep a design agency on retainer.

This benefit of a retainer to blend creative expertise with your in-house resources can be summed up as ‘wisdom’.

That includes a hefty amount of investment from the creative agency to get to know your business plan, marketplace, challenges and opportunities. Maybe even your favourite flavour of donut for a surprise Krispy Kreme run!

Turn that around, and this collaborative working relationship goes both ways.

Working with a creative team on retainer, you will see their contribution and watch the growth in value. Any inflated claims or idle promises will quickly be exposed.

“The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances” according to Buddha.

For example, if you commission designs to sell more insurance policies or stationery, your retainer designers are with you for the long haul and equally invested in a successful outcome.

To sum up – a retained design agency gets to know your business and delivers insightful solutions. You get to see what they are truly capable of!

Creative abilities, the minute you need them

Having a creative agency on retainer means you can call on their services fast, whenever you need to grab a business opportunity with both hands.

Throw up the emergency flare and get those creative minds focused on your design needs instantly! (Well, not if it’s the middle of the night… but as soon as we’re awake, we promise!)

Genius spreads

Another advantage of having a design agency working closely with your in-house team is creativity is contagious.

The joy of a collaborative working relationship is that it develops and blossoms exponentially. Everyone starts learning from each other, exploring new angles and finding even better solutions.

Proactive creativity

Finally, here’s a major plus point when you find an award-winning creative agency to work with long term. Especially one as passionate about their craft and their clients as we are.

We don’t stay quiet!

You get proactive design support, including insights from the thrusting edge of marketing. We’re always alert to new ideas and techniques, especially in the world of video production.

To be honest, if we feel there’s a better direction we can take your creative vision in, we’ll make it known to you.

We want your business to be successful, so we give honest feedback and get really enthusiastic about concepts and activities we believe will work for you.

If you’re looking for a cutting-edge creative agency to work with, contact us and find out how we can help your brand shine!

Oh… and when we said you don’t need to buy us a birthday cake, you can if you want to!