The way we take in information – and make decisions – has changed rapidly.

Not sure how to do something? YouTube it.

Not sure whether to buy something? Look for a video that shows it in action.

Bored? Watch the latest TikTok craze. (Please don’t do that now. We want you to read the rest of this article!)

Those ‘in the know’ (tech giants Cisco) estimate by 2022, 82% of all internet consumption will be in the form of video.

So, all companies need to up their game to communicate, influence, inform and sell using attractive and effective moving imagery.

How can you do that? By reading these 7 tips on videos that stand out, that’s how!

Ditch the mobile!

Sorry, but no matter how advanced your phone is, this is one time when it just isn’t good enough!

To create video content for websites, exhibitions and other marketing purposes, you need quality recording equipment with a sharp microphone.

Even if you had the best marketing storyboard and script, amateur video production can make your organisation look… well, amateur!

Are you a stable video genius?

Your video production equipment must include a way of stabilising your camera – such as a tripod and gimbal.

However, if you do need to do handheld filming, the best way to create crisp videos includes a comfortable bent-knee stance, resting your elbows on something solid, keeping your camera close to your chest and using a wide-angle lens to bring things closer to you. It helps eradicate shaking and blurring.

There’s nothing worse than trying to watch a video of someone explaining something on video only for the camera to be wobbling around like a cat’s head when it spots a fly buzzing around!

You should also consider investing in a lens with optical image stabilisation.

Plotting and planning

Have you any idea how much time and effort goes into those ‘spontaneous’ videos you see online? A tiny sliver of quality film can take many hours to create.

Start by setting clear goals and succinct messages, focusing on exactly who you’re talking to. Then, consider backdrops, scripts and presenters to do your subject justice.

Let there be light!

One of the hardest aspects of video production is getting the lighting right. Once your video is being viewed on a small screen, if it’s dim, washed out or features weird shadows, your viewers could be a lot more unforgiving.

Creating a three-point lighting setup – to balance the illumination from all angles – is best. Outdoors, make sure you choose a day with excellent light quality.

To really see just how much of an impact lighting can have, check out this video demonstrating how your face changes in different lighting. It’s a little trippy, but very interesting nonetheless!

It’s all in the edit

“The whole eloquence of cinema is achieved in the editing room.” Orson Welles

This is a posh way of saying what you do with your raw footage is where the magic happens. Make use of high-quality video production software that achieves superb results – then take as long as needed to get the hang of it.

Like the planning phase, this is something you can’t rush.

Less can be more

After saying that, don’t tinker so much you make your marketing or corporate video over-produced, cheesy or too busy! Depending on your target audience, it’s important to achieve that balance of being informative, entertaining and thought-provoking, without falling back on elements that could be considered cliché (looking at you, royalty-free ukelele music tracks).

One of the reasons videos ‘talk’ to consumers and business decision-makers is that people have low boredom thresholds. They’re also more likely to click away as soon as something irritates or confuses them.

Effective video production relies on clear messaging, with appropriate visual references. Often, succinct videos work best.

Cut it out! I need video production experts!

Does this all sound a little too “Spielberg” for you, or a massive investment in video production equipment you won’t have time or patience to use?

The last tip is the easiest one to ‘ACTION’. You need a creative agency, who specialises in outstanding video production – the award-winning Creative Jam!

Get in touch to see how we can wow your audience with bespoke video production today!