There are online website templates and a bewildering array of eCommerce website platforms to choose from. So, why hire an agency?

…Okay, in the interests of transparency, we are deeply biased on this topic. After all, we LOVE designing websites.

However, it’s well worth reading on, for a clear idea of the pros and cons of DIY online retail sites. Especially as you may discover that you CAN go it alone, but you REALLY don’t want to.

Not least as you have more important things to focus on, tasks that are ‘in your comfort zone’ as they say, like running your business. While cost-effective experts provide you with a website that performs brilliantly, consistently!

Promises and prices. Hosting platforms vs agencies

Ecommerce website platforms vary enormously, and in theory, it should be easy to find the best fit for your new venture. Some offer attractive deals for start-ups and promise you a simple way to build and run your internet retail business.

You need to dig deeper into this though. Much deeper.

For example, are there hefty bills for adding extra features or updating and amending your website as your business grows and develops? Will your monthly fees eat holes in your cash flow, and will you be left with a massive website ‘To Do’ list that eats holes in your time (and probably gets ignored a lot, like that dreaded ‘To Do’ list featuring all the bits and bobs that need doing around the house?!)

This is where a professional eCommerce design agency gets ‘real’. Creative Jam provides a transparent cost structure and comprehensive eCommerce support package for designing and building your website. No hidden extras or financial handcuffs for continuous support.

In fact, they become like a ‘bolt-on’ marketing team, responsive and creative, feeding you with good ideas for website enhancements. Try getting that personal service from a giant eCommerce platform!

Jargon-free zone

Building your eCommerce site using hosting platforms is also only an option if you already know the best ways to create sustainable sales success. You will have all the tools that enable you to do SEO, UX and UI analysis and improvements.

If you have only a vague clue what all that means – or even if it all sounds like complete poppycock – stop!

Get help from a website design agency that provides sound advice, in plain English, while delivering all the elements you need for eCommerce success.

Standing out in your marketplace

Using ‘build your own’ website services will inevitably put a lot of pressure on you to create pages that promote your brand brilliantly, and which grab and hold visitor attention. You also need to be confident your website is distinctive and provides a competitive edge.

That’s a big ask!

How much more confidence would you have in your eCommerce website design if it was crafted by an award-winning creative agency? One skilled in bespoke designs for online retailers?

Cost of using an eCommerce web agency

With so many good reasons to use an agency to build your online retail site, you could well be thinking “Can I afford professional design help?”

Here’s a ‘secret’ that might seal the deal.

Creative Jam does design work every day and has invested in a splendid team of talented individuals (really, we’re a lovely bunch if we do say so ourselves!). So, it comes much easier to us and we can turn around eCommerce websites surprisingly quickly – custom-made ones that perform brilliantly.

Go it alone or get an affordable website from our eCommerce design experts? It’s up to you!

And… if you’re already regretting using an off the shelf solution, fear not! Contact us and Creative Jam can come to your rescue!