If you’ve visited TikTok or browsed the antics of YouTube ‘influencers’, you will know how creative video editing can be (or not so creative, in the case of those ruddy “Story Time” YouTubers that abuse jump cuts ad nauseam). Perhaps you experiment with transitions, speed changes, special effects and trending sounds for your social media?

Of course, if you need brilliant content for your company’s marketing and communications, there are many advantages to leaving it to experts in video production. That’s because Creative Jam knows the editing techniques that optimise videos, taking a low-cost marketing production into a whole new level of brilliant!

However, as we love to share (and show off a bit) here are just a few clever video editing tips.

Attention seeking lighting

Shooting a video always needs the right lighting. However, when editing, really focus on the finished result and your goals. You can make last-minute adjustments to put superfluous stuff in the shadows and throw light on things you want to emphasise.

Remember, attention spans are small. Like, super small. In fact, a recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen to just 8 seconds. That’s even less than a goldfish!

The easier you make it to see what matters, the better the impact!

Sound it out

A similar video editing tip applies to voice-overs, music and special effects you add. Simple adjustments such as altering the volume or tone can add emphasis to your video production. Low-key background noise can even add mood and interest in some cases.

Carefully check your rights to use music or downloaded sounds. Social media platforms are quick to ban accounts, or at the very least kill sound on posts, when infringements occur.

Play with different cuts

Using different transitioning techniques – such as fade-outs, wipes, montage cuts and so on –optimises video. You can create tension, interest, comparison, time-lapse, continuity and special effects for instance. Even mastering a few cutting options for videos ensures that you get a smooth result, with no sudden switches to distract from your message.

This is a handy overview of the different cutting techniques for transitioning between video segments.

Cutting the same scene

One of the best ways to make low-cost video production more impressive is to use multiple cuts of the same scene from different angles. For example, a close up of a product, that pans back, then a smooth transition into seeing someone step forward to use the product, followed by a close up of it from a different angle to show its benefits.

Add ‘mood’ and background

Even a basic corporate video can grab and hold attention better with a few creative twists. Such as moving to different angles around the speaker, cutting away to relevant scenes with faded-out sounds as they continue to speak, having sped up action behind them, or panning out to see a larger scene.

SO much better than just having someone sitting behind a desk yammering on with no visuals!

Experiment with video editing software

Much of the above involves finding the best video editing software, according to your ability and goals. Then, learn the possibilities and limitations, and ways to get creative with videos you produce yourself.

Free advice… but can we do it? Pretty please?

If you’re not sure how to choose video editing software, or you’re struggling to understand all the features on the one selected, fear not. Creative Jam is passionate about video production and helping organisations like yours. Contact us and we’ll be happy to offer advice on creating the best visual content!

However, we make no excuses if we get carried away and offer to do the whole thing for you, as we weren’t exaggerating about how much we love video production that shows our client’s ‘best side’.