To explore what’s been happening in the world of graphic design, we need to state the obvious. It’s been a doozy of a year!

The UK may be creeping out of the Pandemic but we still have Brexit and workforce shortages putting restraints on our economy.

Now, let’s look at how the leading graphic design agencies have responded!

Visual communication is utterly vital

The first 2021 graphic design trend sums up all the ones that follow.

Consumers and business decision-makers have developed even shorter attention spans. They get easily ‘cheesed off’ with superficial nonsense, being patronised or feeling overwhelmed by information.

We could reel out a lot of statistics at this point, showing how much visual content is now consumed in the UK, and its impact on buying behaviours. Let’s just say this; if you’re not investing in powerful graphic designs, you are not talking to customers properly anymore. They are massively influenced by strong visual references!

Calm and relaxing

The best creative designs reflect both what the company wants to communicate, and what their target audiences want and need to hear. So, it’s no surprise that bold, brash and ‘in your face’ graphics have taken a back seat to soothing colours and geometric shapes, softer messaging and imagery with the ‘comfort’ factor. Because let’s face it, at the moment what a lot of us need is a sofa and pyjamas day with more ice cream than you can shake a stick at.

Sustainability and nature

Another big social influence over graphic design – and customer perceptions, decisions and behaviours – is the growing concern about the environment. Which has led organisations to ramp up branding that connects them to the planet and shows their affinity with their customers’ concerns.

This could mean everything from using greens in graphic designs to making sustainability a central pillar of branding in general.

Simple but effective graphics

A graphic design trend that will continue into 2022, is the return to simplistic imagery, colour-use and brand messaging. Familiarity and clarity are reassuring, and the best creative agency can say a great deal using well-crafted info-graphics and illustrations. Or, simply by using ever-popular cartoons to communicate.

That being said, it’s best not to go too simplistic, otherwise you risk jeopardising the familiarity of your brand.

…Yes, I’m talking about the new Pringles logo again. No, I will never not be upset about it.

Motion in graphic design

None of the above graphic design trends stifles the creativity and ‘wow factor’ top agencies offer. Not least as they are using motion, animation, 3D imagery and optical illusions to raise the bar on even the simplest of brand messages.

Storytelling in marketing

Using motion in your design work also supports another graphic trend that will continue into 2022 – visual storytelling.

Using moving imagery or a series of well-conceived illustrations can engage an audience in understanding what the brand stands for, and create a valuable personal connection.

Trusting professional graphic designers

This trend is important to appreciate, to stay competitive.

Organisations in the UK are beginning to understand how vital it is to invest in their branding. Including using as many visual cues and techniques as possible, to communicate, influence, educate and persuade.

Without pandering to your target audiences’ visual reference points – online and in the physical realm – you are unlikely to enjoy marketing and sales success.

Clearly showing that you need to contact an award-winning graphic design team! You can see, that’s Creative Jam!