While everyone else is perfecting the latest TikTok dance, downloading online recipes or weeping while watching dog rescue videos, we’re looking at the bigger picture.

(Disclosure: Actually we do all of the above, to be honest.)

What do we mean by ‘the bigger picture’? Fundamentally, which of the billion-plus websites in existence are currently gaining traction? Who’s winning the battle to get noticed online, and building the firmest digital footprint?

(Another disclosure: We don’t look at every website.)

Based on our award-winning expertise – and frankly obsessive internet research – here are web design trends we think are worth watching for in 2022!

Sunshine and laughter

This one won’t surprise anyone – Upbeat, colourful and lively are IN!

In response to a dull and at times ruddy dreadful couple of years, consumers are craving the lighter touch when it comes to website designs. Including cheeky cartoons and animations, and scatterings of humour.

Let me have a go!

Humourous website design features create warmth and engagement, something you can also achieve by adding interactive elements.

We normally advise against processes involving multiple clicks, but the exception is when it’s playful, and an appropriate tool that draws users in. Such as a quiz, puzzle, animation you activate or motion graphic you explore.

Some Asian websites are ahead of this curve, so these examples are for Japanese pharmaceutical company Borraginol and the Hong Kong Design Institute, both of which have a tonne of interactive elements on their websites to play around with!

This Gucci website is a wonderful example too.

With the ‘metaverse‘ becoming more relevant with each passing day, interactivity with company websites may one day be much more commonplace.

Sounds great

The Gucci website makes fabulous use of sounds to support its interactive elements.

The best websites in 2021 featured motion graphics. The best websites in 2022 will also feature appropriate sounds, as well as things you can ‘touch’ on the page.

What’s next, scratch and sniff websites? Or websites you can lick?

…Actually, that last one might be kind of a bad idea since we’d be spending all of our time browsing ice cream websites to try out their flavours instead of working.

Go big and bold

Talking of tasteful (see above), website designs in 2022 are set to make good use of vibrant and strong colour palettes. Also, larger typography will be BIG news.

This all builds the trend for websites to be more fun, but also to make brand messages ultra-clear in a split second.

It presents a high degree of challenge. You can’t use strong colours indiscriminately or appear to patronise page visitors with BIG TEXT. It all requires careful thought and expert execution from website designers who understand balance, and user-centric design principles.

Are you okay? Enjoying this article?

In case you didn’t guess, this website design trend for 2022 is about the tone of voice. The emphasis is on conversational content, that asks questions and is ‘sharing’ rather than telling.

It still needs to be succinct though. No one has time for flowery prose and shed loads of waffle, especially if they’re just looking for a quick how-to guide!

Simple is good

Following on from the above, simplistic designs are in. Not overwhelming slide shows, vast numbers of pages or big blocks of text. Go straight to the point with the least edifice possible.

This is when using a great graphic designer is invaluable. They can pack a lot into each image you use.

Accessible is better

Lastly, find ways to make your website more accessible. Such as the larger typography mentioned above. Also, layouts, colours and contrasts to reduce seizure risk and to help people with sensory processing issues.

You can create a hover function too, that magnifies text, as well as adding a spoken word version of your website contents.

Brilliant by design

To get a good grasp of all these 2022 website design trends, you need creativity and innovation. Two words that are like bread and butter to Creative Jam!

Contact us to see how we can make your new website all this and more.