The clock is now ticking!

We have seconds to convince you to read this article, and you’re likely to spend an average of 2-3 minutes on this page.

You – and your customers – have a notoriously short attention span. This makes it absolutely vital that websites work even harder to grab and hold attention.

That involves putting enough on your pages to convince visitors it’s worth the effort of sticking around, and transitioning to your action page – buy, subscribe, enquire or visit.

To help you win the race against time, and get better lead conversion, here are the top seven features your website should have in 2022.

Move it!

Humans base much of our thought processes on visual information, so we naturally love motion graphics, short films and such things as infographics within website designs.

In 2022, the better your visual content, the better your website performance. Especially if it’s ‘moving’ content!

Full speed ahead

General website load speeds and mobile responsive web designs are important for sure, but they’re not the full story.

Make sure all the elements of your pages appear swiftly and any interactive features are agile.

For example, forms that keep refreshing as each field is filled in – dragging the process out – are frustrating. So are forms that don’t tell you they’ve been sent!

You should make a point to review any large data files that drag page features down, as this can have a detrimental impact on page speed.

Search success

Nimble UX factors also include quick ways to search on your website. Have you visited a site that appears to have poor or no results whatever you key in? Or that only searches if you have the product name or number 100% correct?

This is next to useless, to be honest. If you include a search facility on your website, make it a comprehensive and intuitive one! Features such as search filters and suggestions can really help to make the search process as quick and painless as possible.

Hello…is there anyone there?

Even if you make it massively easy to search your site for specific products or services, your users will still have questions. Personalised services are also in very high demand these days.

This makes live chat or a responsive messaging service a must-have for websites in 2022. Your potential customers need answers, and they need those answers NOW!

In your face CTA

That same inherent impatience – within consumers and B2B decision-makers – applies to their final action. (The part of the process that converts your leads.)

Your Calls to Action must be utterly unmissable and on every page. Such as a big SIGN UP button, or a shopping cart that follows users around with a BUY NOW button.

By the way, oversized typography is set to be BIG in 2022. (See what we did there?)

Don’t leave page visitors in any doubt about how to react to your kickass website design!

Keep it social

Competence and warmth are the twin pillars of any kind of business relationship. You show competence with how your brand and individual products/services are promoted in your website design.

Having lively, fun, informative and just plain good social media builds warmth,  as well as engaging your users. Get those social media snippets zinging on your home page.

Blog it!

Showing warmth and building engagement can also be achieved by things like this article! If it’s something that helps your customers understand, appreciate and use your products or services – Blog it! Blogging is also great for SEO purposes, as it can help direct people with search queries to your website.

Just make sure your posts are fabulous, relevant and to-the-point. Don’t expect readers to stick around and check out your website if the answer to their question is buried beneath a myriad of popups and a gigantic sales pitch for your product/service.

Not for the CTA

Talking of sales… If you want more ways to make your website design all that it should be in 2022, get in touch. We will get back to you FAST, we promise!