Who remembers the sheer joy of browsing the Argos catalogue each December and turning back a gazillion page corners ready to write your letter to Santa? Perhaps you still get pleasure from flicking through product listing brochures!

Clearly, many catalogues are now digital. And you use a mouse to scroll the pages, not a wet finger. While it may not be the same (and nowhere near as fun, we think!), it’s the norm these days.

However, consumers still love solid, physical catalogues to flick through at their leisure, whilst many B2B companies have moved online completely, so they can continually update their listings and descriptions of products (whether that’s stationery, branded items, essential equipment, parts etc.).

If you want to ‘turn the page’ on an underperforming virtual or actual catalogue design, here are eight ways to promote your products in a compelling, attractive way!

Be focused

Modern consumers and business purchasers are more fickle, easy to distract and (not to be rude) demanding!

In all formats of catalogues, avoid the temptation to pack everything in, including the kitchen sink. (Though that’s okay if you actually sell kitchen sinks). This is your opportunity to showcase your range, but vast amounts of content can be counterproductive and a little overwhelming.

Plan your page layouts logically, to make scanning them easy, and don’t have so many pages that users are overwhelmed. You can always have different catalogues according to season, customer type or current promotional emphasis.

Reinforce customer choice

To create visually scannable pages, you don’t have to show every size, colour and variation in a series of images. However, you do need to be clear about what your customers’ choices are.

For instance, virtual catalogues can include functions to change the colour or size of the product pictured. A physical one could feature a colour chart on each page, as well as sizing instructions.

Give us a KISS!

Keep It Short and Simple – KISS.

Your powerful branding should be unmissable on every page. Then, use succinct product descriptions and strong imagery. Resist the urge to waffle. Remember, we make decisions largely from the visual input we receive, not from reading text. This is why catalogue graphic design is so crucial!

Big up customer service

To underpin both the above, promote your friendly, responsive customer service on every page, including live chat for online catalogues. Stress that you treat each customer as an individual rather than walking bills of money.

Accessibility and readability

Every catalogue should be designed for anyone to use. Including large, clear typography, and page designs to cater for readers with visual impairments, seizure-related conditions and sensory processing issues.

Of course, using a common font, consistent colour palette and easily scannable layouts suits short attention spans too.

Use white space

This dovetails with many design tips for catalogues. (It’s an insight for all website design and print management). A great way to draw attention to an image or block of text is… nothing. Well, empty space anyway.

Make it fun

Some catalogues need a dignified tone (we’re thinking funeral companies and mobility aids for example). However, many organisations that commission catalogue designs need to think fun.

Warmth helps buyers connect with you. So, add vibrant colours, lively graphics (moving ones on virtual brochures) and a touch of humour. We’re a creative agency first and foremost, but we like to think there are things we write that make you exhale air through your nose slightly harder than usual – use that as inspiration!

Cutting edge catalogues

Physical catalogues can now be highly creative. Such as using textured paper, embedding scents, or even paper that changes colour!

Virtual catalogues can use the latest technology and creative design techniques to be truly original and interactive.

Either way, to make sure your catalogue buyers ‘stick’ around – spread some Creative Jam on it!

Contact us today and see how we can help you create some fresh, vibrant and effective catalogue designs.