Do adverts on Google, Facebook, and other social media boost your sales?

Well, yes and no. Yes if they’re done properly and no if you haphazardly approach digital advertising like some sort of digital food fight, throwing things and hoping they stick.

Also, you need realistic expectations. Though digital advertising is an excellent way to stimulate page visits and boost sales quickly, it’s not a cure-all. As brilliant as it would be to generate a billion quid in profits per day immediately after sticking an ad on Facebook, it’s just not going to happen.

Put it this way. A 2019 study looked at eCommerce sessions. Of those, 33% originated from organic searches (which is why your SEO is important too!). Paid for ads attracted 32% of the page visits.

This shows that you should integrate digital advertising into a wide-ranging ‘basket’ of practical digital marketing tools.

What else do you need to know about digital advertising? Here are our three tips for buying ad space online.

Drill down on a genuinely awesome advertising strategy and plan!

You probably realise that most digital advertising is based on focused keywords and such activities as Pay Per Click ads on Google and Facebook. Those are the mechanics. The true genius of digital advertising comes long before your first ad appears.

Make sure to create a business-centric strategy and plan. One that generates clicks, but which also uses this as a valuable data collection opportunity. That way you can spend your advertising budget targeting the cool people who are buying what you’re selling (pun intended) rather than the laggards who accidentally tapped on your advert 6 months ago while scrolling through their newsfeed!

It starts with knowing exactly who your target audiences are and then using ad content that talks directly to them. Let’s be honest, 46-year-old plumber Paul from Birmingham probably isn’t going to respond to an advertisement for Estée Lauder premium lipstick, so you’re probably going to want to select your audience a bit more carefully.

Also, your digital advertising plan should make your campaigns easy to assess and amend to maximise effectiveness. After all, the digital world can move at breakneck speed, so you’ve got to be ready to tweak your ads to keep up!

Of course, that involves working with a digital marketing agency that knows its stuff. Plus, knowing how to brief a creative agency will really help to optimise their output and maximise your ROAS (return on ad spend).

Understand your opportunity for targeted marketing using online ads

One of the advantages of digital advertising (when done correctly) is that it allows infinite ‘tinkering’. You can create multilayered, multifaceted campaigns, thanks to this marketing activity’s versatility.

We’ll give you an example. Using the right keywords and placement criteria, you could check out the consumer response to a range of walking boots among men aged over 50 living in Scotland! A bit weird and random perhaps, but hey, it tells you just how wicked digital advertising can be.

No other marketing tool is as malleable and instantly measurable!

You may need a leading branding agency to help you build this targeting level. You certainly need expertly designed ads and strong ‘clickable’ descriptions in ad search results.

Don’t waste money on online ads by dropping the ball!

Your well-built digital advertising campaign will increase brand awareness, grow profit and get a quick and impressive ROAS. PPC in particular can be a frugal advertising opportunity, as you only pay when interested customers click on your pages.

However, a giant black hole for many companies is their response to digital advertising traffic. You could spend a fortune on ads and still see low or even no sales. Remember, you need to have solid targeting! Otherwise you may as well throw all that lovely advertising budget down a well and make a wish.

First, get your ad wording spot on to make sure the RIGHT people respond to your PPC advertising. Then, make sure that your landing pages and product listings deliver.

That revolves around excellent web design and providing the best user experience (UX) right through to your payment page.

Do the sums. What adds up to great digital advertising?

The steps to make digital advertising pay for itself a few times over are relatively straightforward. A strong plan that matches clear business aims and brand values delivered strategically with constant evaluation and effective UX.

That all equals top-notch reasons to call in Creative Jam for high impact digital advertising.

If you’d like to maximise your digital advertising effectiveness, contact us today! We’re dying to flex our advertising pecks for you.