You don’t need deep pockets or the talents of Martin Scorsese to create video marketing content that works. That’s because, with video production tips from the caring-sharing Creative Jam, you could craft a valuable marketing tool without spending much at all.

Let’s be honest. You need strong marketing video content to remain competitive. It’s the modern ‘communications currency’ for consumers and business decision-makers and is a trend boosted by the pandemic. In 2020, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. Of those, 87% reported a positive ROI.

Here’s how to get a marketing video on a tight budget, if you need to DIY.

The best video production software

Moving content for marketing purposes becomes possible with a bit of creative planning, preparation and finding the right software to produce videos in-house. You’re not short of options, and some of the leading video production software can transform material created by readily available devices, so you don’t need to go dropping a few grand on a cutting-edge video camera!

Little things are massively important

It’s easy to get carried away with scripting and creating backdrops, so you may miss some of the fundamental steps for creating good marketing videos.

Lighting matters a lot. You can adjust this during the editing process, but for clear, crisp footage, you need strong light at just the right angle to illuminate your scene without washing it out. There are many online videos about video lighting techniques and this article is a good place to start.

Also, no amount of editing can rectify bad sound recordings. Ensure your microphone is positioned perfectly, with no detectable background sounds. Shaky filming is a no-no too!

Check you have royalty-free or paid-for music that’s appropriate and smoothly integrated during editing, and triple check your background. It’s shocking how many corporate and marketing videos have distracting clutter or dubious business practices intruding on shots, or plants and ornaments sticking out of someone’s head.

Videos on how not to create videos are valuable research too, and they could potentially be more useful!

Succinct, interesting and imaginative

Modern attention spans are short, and that’s putting it lightly. With a maximum of 8 seconds to pique someone’s interest in whatever it is you’re promoting, you need to grab their attention fast!

Keep your marketing videos condensed, customer-focused and creative enough to grab and hold your audience’s attention. Remove any superfluous detail, arty-farty effects or surreal moments; just make sure it has in-your-face brand promotion with impact.

Don’t forget your call to action. A video that doesn’t prompt a response is just art for art’s sake.

Finishing touches

Your video production software should offer diverse possibilities to edit and enhance your DIY marketing video, such as adding UGC (user-generated content) and relevant special effects and expertly varying the cuts in the video to make it more polished.

Do brilliant marketing videos cheaply

Here’s the best way to create marketing videos on a tight budget:

Get in touch with us and hand the whole thing over to our innovative but business-focused team. The cost of professional video production for marketing may prove a pleasant surprise. It’s certainly worth asking us for a quote!